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Years and construction sites bear witness...

The hydraulic machinery industry has always played a crucial

role in the UYAN group, which was founded in Izmir.


What started out as a auto repair business grew to become a manufacturer within three generations.

The company was founded by Sinan Uyan in 1956. It started expanding with the efforts of the second generation, showing

rapid advancement in the production of construction machines

and parts.

The company’s business ventures broadened with the assistance

of second generation. 

UYAN became one the leading companies of the region.

UYAN added value and introduced many people to Turkish industry and production life as a technical school and laboratory.

In 2012, the third generation introduced the family business to environmental and green technology products.

The group expanded to supply, produce, import and trading; with the belief that keeping to stay in Izmir wouldn’t be adequate during this new step and various branches are planned to establish in various cities of Turkey.

Our values...
  • Reliability

  • Honesty

  • Transparency

  • Innovativeness

  • Maintainability

  • Determination

  • Communion

  • Perfectionism

Our vision... 

It has been the case to expand the geography by new markets and new areas.

Together with this, as it had been followed for many years, we will continue our vision to  continue our sustainable growth in our existing areas of activity.

since 1956

UYAN Makina

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