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The roots of UYAN MAKINA had been established in Izmir in 1956.

UYAN has always been the pioneer of many innovations and manufacturer of products which had not been produced until that time in Turkey before. These efforts and aims made us developing our business up to today.

UYAN MAKINA produced following items:

Tractor mounted backhoe-loader

Hydrostatic drive backhoe-loader

4x4 and articulated body

4x4 backhoe-loader (Full automatic)


Recovery crane

Truck mounted crane

Tractor mounted crane

Electric repair platform hydraulic boom


Demountable loader 

Demountable hydraulic attachments

Hydraulic press


Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic piston pump

Hydraulic command valve

Hydraulic steering systems, etc.

In 1963, the buses with front engine had been converted to rear engine mounted buses with new body. 

This was the first and unique application in Turkey as a pioneer and that was the starting point of our manufacturing adventure with new ideas.


In 1966, the production of tractor mounted loaders had been started which were not produced in Turkey before, on that time.


In 1970, the hydraulic cylinders produced by UYAN MAKINA had been exported by Anadolu Lift CLIMAX forklift factory (which had been established in Izmir) to England.


UYAN MAKINA won the first big tender of 10 units of tractor mounted loader for Gediz Planning Organization in1975.


In 1976, the first tractor mounted backhoe production started in Turkey and sold to Soma and Kula Municipalities.


In 1980, the first ‘made in Turkey’ electric repairment platform mounted on a truck had been produced for Cesme Municipality Electric Administration.


In 1982, together with government organization TZDK (Turkey Agricultural Equipment Institution) the first machine for laying mines for the usage of Army Military Department had been produced as prototype.


Between the period of 1982-1992 we produced 1.200 units of tractor mounted backhoe-loaders for Steyr tractors of TZDK.

We also procuced:

4x4 hydrostatic loader in 1984,

4x2 automatic transmission backhoe-loader in 1987,

4x4 hydrostatic backhoe-loader in 1988

4x4 articulated backhoe-loader in 1988

with the efforts of Turkish engineers and workers we succeeded all under the name of ‘UYAN’.

In 1989, the agreement with world famous English MF (Massey Ferguson) company had been realized and MEFE brand

had been added to our production range as new product. 


In 1994 the tender of 56 units of truck and tractor mounted cranes for DSI (Public Waterwork Administration) had to be stopped only with 34 units, due to the general Government decisions during the economic crisis and after the announcement of April 5th decisions of economic precautions policy.


With the shrinkage of economy in Turkey after April 5th 1994 and after signing European Customs Agreement, UYAN MAKINA converted its operations to different productions and applications.


During the period of 1966-1994, the number of our total hydraulic construction machine products introduced to Turkish economy exceeded 7,000 units and most of them are still working and contributing to economy.


After 1995, UYAN MAKINA oriented to special demand (tailor made) and special project productions.

Within the scope of this aim and under our social responsibility it had been produced a demonstration trailer, which includes one Hyundai automobile returning 360 degree on its axis and showing the significance of safety belt usage.


Crane for municipalities to open drainage manhole,


Electric repair boom vehicle reaching to 32 meters height,


Since 2007 we started mass production of different types of self driven street vacuum sweepers (which not produced in Turkey before) with two new models UYAN MINIVAC and UYAN SUPERVAC.


Since 2012, we are in production of environmental products preserving green and natural life with efficient and wide range of products like Hydraulic Compactors for Garbage Collection , Road Sweepers, Containers for underground and above ground usage, Recycling projects of waste material.

since 1956

UYAN Makina

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